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SmartEGrants provides a wide range of education opportunities for members of the grant professional community as well as for those who are leadership or other roles for grant seeking organization.

Jo Miller,GPC and leaders in the grants and fundrasing professions host Blueprints for Grants Webinars

SmartEGrants works with its clients to identify the individual or group education and/or training necessary for in order to achieve their goals.  As part of the preliminary session with the SmartEGrants team, the need or desire for education and/or training will be assessed and an individualized plan will be proposed to assist in achieving your goals.


Upcoming Training & Webinars

Blueprints for the Grant Professional Course – Private Member Course   and Blueprints for GPC Member Site

Your A-Z resource for building your grant expertise, connecting to a community of peers and experts, and preparing for the Grant Professional Credential. From in-depth training on best practices and latest trends in grants, to focused development of skills and competencies tested on the exam, you have GPA Approved Training and expert GPCs ready to walk with you every step of the way!  You’ll build your grant toolbox and a professional network.  And, when ready, you stride confidently into the into the GPC evaluation knowing you’re prepared and you have a whole community cheering you on to your goal.



Interested in having the SmartEGrants team provide you with a custom training session either in person or via webinar? Please contact us to discuss your goals for the training.


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