The Gratitude Game – Simple Strategies for Saying Thank You

Simple strategies for saying thank you

How do you show gratitude to your donors and funders?

Finding the time to say “thank you” isn’t easy, but as a key component in cultivating funder relationships and donor retention, the importance of a genuine “thank you” can’t be under-estimated.

Jo Miller, GPC, SmartEGrants’ owner and host of the weekly Twitter chat, GrantChat, interviewed Lynne Wester, aka the Donor Relations Guru, to uncover Lynne’s tips, tools, and resources for building gratitude into our organizations and daily work. Bonus: Lynne shows us how gratitude is great for business and mental health.

You’ll discover:

  • Strategies for getting leadership into the gratitude game
  • How to thank donors on social media
  • Quick tips for writing creative thank yous
  • Top 5 mistakes to avoid when writing thank you notes

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Michelle Loftis

Michelle is a grant writer, attorney, and professional systematizer. Interested in all things tech, she helps overwhelmed consultants and entrepreneurs with the behind-the-scenes details that go into building and growing an online business.

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