A Grant Team of We, Not Me

Grant TEam of We, By Diane H Leonard, Originally posted on GrantHub

By Diane H. Leonard, GPC

Reposted from A Grant Team of We, Not Me on GrantHub with permission.

When you read “grant team” do you look around and wonder who we mean?

Do you feel like a grant team of one?

Or, conversely, do you have an idea of who your grant team should be, but have a difficult time actively engaging them?

After analyzing hundreds of grant ready organizations and their data through the GRASP Tool, one of the most common areas for improvement in grantseeking organizations of all focus areas, communities served, and organization size appears to be the lack of a grant team.

That being said, we know that grant teams do not all sound and act the same. Successful grant teams come in many shapes and sizes. In fact, grant teams are often not even formally titled as such, and what your organization’s or client’s grant team looks like will likely ebb and flow as different members of the organization come and go.

Those differences aside, there are some common traits and activities across successful grant teams. They include:

  • A group of specific individuals that draft and agree upon a proactive grant strategy for the operating year ahead;
  • A group of specific individuals (potentially the same group mentioned above) that vet new grant opportunities for the organization and decide whether or not they are a strategic fit or not during an operating year;
  • A team of individuals who willingly delegate relationship interaction with grantmakers based on background, collaborative interaction, or other elements that make one colleague the best connection point with a grantmaker;
  • The ability to break down into sub-grant teams for specific applications to help get the real application work done;
  • A clear centralized location for all grant team members to be able to access and check-in on upcoming report and application deadlines and next steps; and
  • Defined goals and metrics for success beyond only award percentage or dollars raised.
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Diane H. Leonard, GPC is President/Owner of DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services which is focused on increasing nonprofit capacity related to grants. An approved trainer for the Grant Professionals Association, Diane loves talking about all things #grants, #1000Islands, #Running, and #Coffee!

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