Reaching Professional Goals – Earn Your GPC

Reaching Your Professional Goals

Reach Your Professional Goals

by Danny Blitch, GPC

Everyone has different goals in life. Most of us have both professional and personal goals. The typical personal goals are to go on great adventures, experience joy with friends, meet someone special, settle down, buy a house, grow together into a family, vacation in faraway lands; and so on… these are really great goals. I am sure, not everyone will agree with me I am confident personal goals are uniquely varied.

Your professional goals may vary widely from the mundane to the eclectic. Start a career rather than just having a job is great. Earn a comfortable salary rather than just a paycheck is good too. Some people of course, want to be millionaires, some CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, and others want to be the leader the free world. Your professional goals might be “to be your own boss,” set your hours, and work from home. Some want to take naps at work, surf during the summer, or travel to comic-cons for cosplay. Others wish for small office settings, potential for professional growth and advancement, and to make a difference with their work.

There are as many goals and ways to achieve those professional goals as there are people out there.

Professionally Speaking

I didn’t always know what I wanted to be – professionally speaking – when I grew up. Most kids growing up wanted to be firemen, drive an excavator, save lives, fly planes, or make music. Only a handful of children even know a grant writer by name, if they do it is usually Mommy or Daddy, and almost no one aspires to be credentialed in anything let alone grants.

It changed for me during my first real job – well actually – it was an internship after grad school. I was assigned to prepare a Community Development Block Grant application. I tackled it, not knowing any better, just like an assignment in school. I started. I stopped. I procrastinated. I worked on it all night. I turned it in at the deadline buzzer. I waited almost two months… and low and behold, it was selected for a $500,000 award!

I was hooked on the “federal grants, and I had “it” in a bad way!

Many people helped me!

Luckily I wasn’t alone. A wise and patient mentor guided and helped me. Thankfully, many people helped me. The grant profession it turned out was a good fit for me. I wanted to help others. I liked helping non-profits seek grants to support their mission. I taught continuing education classes, staff development courses, hosted workshops, presented at conferences, and thought I was making a difference. With grants I built things… schools, senior centers, roads… with grants we bought safety and security… vests for K-9s, food for the needy, homes for the disadvantaged… with grants we partnered… sheltering victims of domestic violence, enhancing 911 centers, prepared first-responders for natural and manmade disasters, educated kids after school… with grants I encouraged play to happen… in parks, on turf fields, at art facilities, both regionally and at home. With grants I did so much more

I have researched thousands of ideas. Written so many grant proposals I have lost count. Dreamed about grants and got up in the middle of the night often unable to sleep. In many ways budget preparation is a skill, an enemy, and a familiar friend. After winning millions in grants, I have learned to be careful what I ask for… grants management is a skill I cherish, but was not born with… my experience in project implementation guides my present day grant writing and I have an illogical love of logic models.

I want to help YOU achieve your professional goals.

I am excited to be working with the SmartEGrants Team on a Blueprints for Grants master class (free): Top 5 Career Advancement Opportunities for the Grants Profession. We are hosting 2 sessions on December 16th. Seats are limited, so grab your seat today!

Is your goal to earn your GPC?

The GPC is a generalist credential for all types of grant professionals. The credential is valid, reliable, psychometrically sound, and complies with the regulations set forth by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence. One of my professional goals was to get a credential. I took the exam consisting of 150-160 multiple choice questions and the 90-minute writing prompt and passed. I am an original GPC, earning my Grant Professional Certified credential in 2008.

Prepare for the GPC Exam

Many of my professional goals met – I am embarking on something new. Sharing what I have learned in more than 20-years in the job. With three of my colleagues, we wrote a book about grants – my favorite subject. The book, Prepare for the GPC Exam: Earn Your Grant Professional Certified Credential is a fun, up-beat In the Trenches manual, published by CharityChannel Press!

The book is a complete exam-prep guide that:

  • Covers the history of the exam and eligibility to take it
  • Devotes a chapter to each of the core competencies
  • Explains in detail the writing prompt and how it ‘s scored
  • Provides a bonus tenth chapter on strategies to reduce test anxiety

Sales of the guide will support the Grant Professionals Foundation and the Giving Back GPC Exam Scholarships. Get your copy today!

Visit the CharityChannel bookstore and get your book here.  Use the SmartEGrants coupon code dbseg (all lower-case) to get your SmartEGrants savings! 

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Danny Blitch, MPA, GPC – Danny’s career in grants spans more than 20-years and includes experience at a municipality, county board of education, a Regional Development Center, a state university’s development office and as a grant consultant. He received his GPC credential in 2008. Danny is a frequent speaker, workshop presenter, and author. He chaired of the Grant Professionals Foundation (2008-2011) and currently serves on the Grant Professionals Association Board of Directors.

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