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 Blab Basics:

Blab is a video chat platform that offers a 4-way call combined with a chat feed available on your desktop and mobile devices.

We’re on Blab:  https://blab.im/smartegrants

Get Blab:

Visit Blab.im on your desktop or Android device. The Android apps will be available after the beta Blab. For now, Android users simply need to type blab.im in their Chrome browser.  For iOS, download iOS app. You can also find it here: Blab on iTunes: Blab for Mac or  sign in with your Twitter handle.  PC

Best Blab Browser:

Blab works best on Chrome; it was built on Chrome.

Blab Story

What is Blab’s story? Did it just come out of nowhere?  Yes and no! Here is some great stuff on Blab’s story:

Kicked Out of the Office for 2 WeeksBrittany Metz

Monkey Inferno – A Personal Incubator

You On Blab

Your Blab ID and profile will be pulled from your Twitter account. Your profile will display the number of days you have been on Blab. You have the option of updating your profile on Blab by editing the text (140 character limit), adding urls and changing your profile picture.  

Blab Settings

On your Blab page, click on your profile picture to get the drop down list to edit your profile and your settings.

Remember to edit your notification settings. You can turn on desktop and SMS notifications.

Find a Blab

You will get a link from the host or other participants.  You can search for live, recorded, and scheduled blabs via Blab’s tag section. You can also filter using the 3 tab buttons  – “On Air’, ‘Scheduled’’, and ‘Replays’.

You can also subscribe to Blabs and get notifications when they go live.

Welcome to Blab

When you join a live Blab your name will appear in the chat stating you have joined and your name will show in the comments section as having joined the chat.

Jo Miller Joined Blab

And you will appear in the viewers on the top.

top blab profiles

You can also see all of the viewers by clicking on See All Viewers and follow them on Twitter and or on Blab by clicking the easy follow buttons.

Share a Blab

When you join a Blab, let your followers know that you are on the Blab by clicking the Tell a little bird button on the left-hand side of your screen. By clicking that button a message that includes the participant names, the title of the Blab and a link to the Blab will go out to your Twitter followers.

Interact on a Blab

Reply to anyone in comments by hovering next to their name in the communication box to see the reply button.

The “Feels” icon appears in the lower right corner – clapping hands. Tap the Feels/Props icon to let the Blabber know that you enjoy what they are sharing

You let the Blab host know that you have a question by typing /q at the beginning of the chat box followed by your question

Muting is available on the desktop version. You can mute the individuals by clicking on the bottom left of the user’s square. When you mute yourself, you will be muted for everyone.

Rules of Blab

Rules and Guidelines crowdsourced by @TeamBlab #theblabway bit.ly/theblabway

Start a Blab

Here is a helpful guide to starting a Blab from the Brittany of the Blab Team:

So, You Want to Start a Blab

Grab a Blab Seat

Blab’s window has 4 seats. One seat is for the host. The host can open up the remaining seats by unlocking them.  Joining the conversation and grabbing a seat is easy. Simply click on the ‘JOIN” in an open seat. If the host accepts your request, You will go on video and join the live conversation. When you want to leave, click on the ‘x’ in the top right-hand corner.

Blab Audio Video Permissions

As you start or join a Blab, you may get an alert asking if you want to allow Blab to access your video camera and audio – click ‘allow’. You may need to change some settings within your browser.

Blab Chrome Audio Settings  – a quick YouTube video to help you access Chrome settings for Blab webcam, microphone and notification alerts from Mike Downes

Blab Host Powers

Host have some Blab Powers. They can lock the seats, accept and deny callers, they can kick a caller out of a chat, block/ban participants, and they can change the topic.  

Blab Record

Hosts also have control over recording the Blab. If a Blab is recorded, a video and mp4 of the call will be emailed to the host (this takes a little time to process, so it won’t be immediately available).

Ending a Blab

The host will close the Blab once the guest have left the Blab (you can also kick them off).  Blab will only close when everyone has exited all of the seats.

Your Blab Page

Your page will include links the Blabs you have hosted and recorded. You can “hide” recordings that you want to be private by clicking the ‘eye’ in the upper right-hand corner.                          

     hidden blab  live blab subscribe                             

Blab Help

If you have technical issues related to your live Blab type @help in the comments.

More Resources:

Tips and Tricks from Brittany at Blab

Blab Tutorial – blog tutorial written by Jocelyn aka #HireJocelyn

How to Blab – Video tutorial by Ileane Smith

How to Blab for Social Media Marketers –  Joel Conn for Social Media Examiner

The Blab Blog on Tumblr http://blog.blab.im

Optimize Blab

Blab Optimization Tools List on Listly http://list.ly/list/mEY-blab-optimization-tools
Follow Blab Team on Twitter & Blab (of course)












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