Are You a Grant Ready Organization

Are you a grant ready organization?

SmarteGrants Infographic lng blog 1Smartegrants has partnered up with Udemy to help you get your organization on ‘board’  with grant readiness. We’ve developed a Grant Readiness infographic to help guide you on your path to being a Grant Ready Organization.


Grants are highly competitive. As with any competition, preparing to succeed is the first step toward success!  There are many steps you can take before you apply for a grant that will put your organization in a better place to compete and win the award.


A Grant Ready Organization (GRO) is an organization that is prepared to apply for grant opportunities. GROs have all of their records, registrations, and audits in place, accessible, and up-to-date. GROs have engaged and gained support from leadership, policy-makers, and stakeholders. GROs align their mission, vision, and capacity with their understanding of community needs to build the foundation of their grant seeking strategy.


There are 3 phases to becoming a Grant Ready Organization. Phase One is to determine if your organization is eligible to apply for grants. Phase Two is to accomplish the key elements to becoming a Grant Ready Organization that are common for all grant eligible organizations, including government agencies, nonprofits, grassroots organizations, and businesses. Phase Three is to follow the path to grant readiness specific to each type of grant source, the potential grant-makers, and the grant application.

Phase One: Type of Eligible Organization

Phase Two: Key Elements for Grant Readiness – Checklist

Phase Three: Grant Readiness by Type of Grant

      • Foundation Grant
      • Local or State Government Grant
      • Federal Grant


To start your path to grant readiness find your organization type on our list of Eligible Organizations. Next, use our Key Elements to Grant Readiness Checklist to identify the common elements for grant readiness. Then, find the GRO game boarddesigned for each specific type of grant funding to prepare for grant competition success.


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