Nuances of Researching State & Local Government Grants

When you think about government grants, what do you think of for the types of state grants, or the types of local government grants that might be included in this type of grant funding? There is so much variation from state to state, county to county, and municipal government to municipal government for what types of grants, the amount of grants, and what the process looks like, let alone what the tools and systems are that you need to use to find and research grant opportunities for each local government and each of the 50 states. With 50 states, 3,007 counties and 35,000 cities and towns the number of potential funding opportunities to track for grants and contracts is simply overwhelming.

So how as a grant professional or grant seeking organization, can you best identify the variety government grant opportunities at the local and state level?

There is significant variation for what website and tools are available by state, but a few key research techniques to consider regardless of your geographic location are:

  • Watch and follow state-wide systems for grants and contracts. Some states have consolidated grant systems like New York’s Grant Gateway. Other states like Arizona have a central online procurement system. Some states put out a state register, others refer to it as a state regulatory register. Both contain information about proposed regulatory action that will help you monitor potential upcoming funding opportunities.
  • Set-up notification systems to monitor agencies or opportunities. Use tools like Google Alerts or Talk Walker in order to monitor specific agencies, or broad terms like “request for proposal” for specific geographic regions like “City of Detroit.” These alerts help you monitor changing information on websites or new postings about potential funding opportunities.
  • Make connections. Make professional connections with staff at the government agencies that you are interested in pursuing funding from or through. Find out if they have any special email and hard copy newsletters that they publish. Find out if state senators or assemblypeople have special newsletters that you can subscribe to.

What other common research techniques do you use for state or local government grants regardless of the state or community you are researching?

Do you want to talk about the tools that you use and hear about the tools that others use for researching state and local government grants that your organization may be eligible for in more detail? We have a few great related professional development opportunities for you this week. We will be talking about the different research tools and methodologies for state and local government grants this week in #grantchat as well in our Thursday Blueprints for Grants webinar on May 14th at 12pm (just $25 for the webinar handouts as well as both the live and recorded access to the session!).  You can register for the session here:

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Hope to see you at one or both! Not able to make either? Let us know your biggest question or concern about effectivvely researching state and local government grants and where to get started in the comments section of our website, via email, or via our social media networks.

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