Leveraging Partnerships in State & Local Government Grants

Relationships and partnerships matter in grants, right? We all agreed on that key point discussed the importance of those types of relationships and partnerships  for foundation grant recently in blog posts, #grantchat conversations and SmartEGrants webinars. The same is true of relationships and partnerships for state and local government grants. So how, if at all, do those relationships and partnerships differ when it comes to shifting the focus to state and local government grants? Does it look any different? Or are the same concepts and best practices still going to work for your grant seeking organization?

Here is how the dictionary defines a relationship:


Here is how the dictionary defines a partnership:


Does having a relationship with an elected official mean that it is an automatic partnership with that state or local government agency? We know that isn’t true. Does having a relationship with another grantee of a state or local government agency mean that you are automatically partners? We know that is not necessarily true either. So how do we move these relationships and connections along the spectrum to turn into true partnerships that can assist us as grant seekers and grant seeking organizations in our work to secure state and local government grant?

We have a few great related professional development opportunities for you this week that will address these questions and more. We will be talking about different approaches to relationships and partnerships that impact state and local government grants this week in #grantchat as well in our Thursday Blueprints for Grants webinar on May 21st at 12pm (just $25 for the webinar handouts as well as both the live and recorded access to the session!).  You can register for the session here:

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Hope to see you at one or both! Not able to make either? Let us know your biggest question or concern about establishing state and local government grants and where to get started in the comments section of our website, via email, or via our social media networks.

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