Successful Client Management for Grant Consultants

Congratulations! You have secured a client for your grant consulting business. Just like when a grant awarded to a grant seeking organization, when a client is secured for your business, the “real work” begins.

There is no one size fits all approach to managing your grant consulting business clients. Some consultants use and swear by formal project management tools such as BaseCamp. Other consultants have created and swear by their own internal tools in Excel or database programs. There is a wide range of “right” solutions that will support you in your goals for your grant consulting business. Having the right tool and right approach for YOU for right now that can grow with you is your first key step. So how do you get to that point? Below are some questions to consider as you launch your grant consulting business. You might also be interested in the conversation happening on #grantchat tomorrow, March 24th at 12pm ET about Client Management as a way to expand your understanding of the different approaches other consultants are using or considering. You can see the preview of the ten questions that will be discussed here.

Questions to Consider as You Get Started

You likely set clear goals and scopes prior to getting the client. Does anything need to be clarified or elaborated upon now that you have the client/project?

What tools are you using to manage your clients and their goals? Communication? Projects?

Are you supporting their efforts alone? Or are you working with your own subcontractors? Or collaborative partners?

How will you maintain confidentiality re: program design, research, or staff salaries as required by the client? Are you tools secure? Is your data sharing and storage secure?

Want to Learn and Discuss Further?

Are you interested in learning more about how to manage your clients in order to grow your grant consulting business? We hope that you will join us THIS Thursday, March 26th at 12pm ET for Grant Consulting 101: Client Management. You can register here. Registration is $25/participant and if you aren’t able to join us live, you will receive the recording and slide handouts within 48 hours of the presentation.

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