Social Media and Grants Go Together Like…

Social media and grants. Likely two ideas that a few years ago, or even last year you were not too certain about.

However, in theory and practice, the SmartEGrants team believes that they go together like…well…

  • Like peanut butter & jelly
  • Like peas and carrots
  • Like wine and cheese

We could keep going, but you get the point.

By themselves, they can be great. By itself, social media has many positive benefits for individuals and organizations. By itself, a grant seeking strategy helps grant seeking organizations secure the resources necessary to achieve their goals and mission. However, just like peanut butter and jelly, when social media and grants are overlapped and considered together, it is a game changer.

Still looking for more big picture thoughts about how social media and grant goals overlap? Join us on Thursday 2/5 for, Social Media for Grants: Getting Started, a one-hour webinar to help you get started. You can register here.

Are you nodding in agreement that social media and grants do have overlapping goals and you think you can see how this idea could help move your organization’s work forward? Excellent! Then join us for one or all of the following three weeks’ webinars through the  SmartEGrants Blueprints for Grants series. We will be digging into Twitter on February 12 (register here), Facebook and Google+ on February 19 (register here), and LinkedIn, Pinterest and Beyond on February 26 (register here).

Looking forward to seeing you in one of SmartEGrants Blueprints for Grants webinars this month to join us in the dialogue about social media and grants!

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