Lions, Tigers, and Bears…I mean LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest

Don’t let the overwhelming number of social networks deter you. Social networks such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest as part of your grant seeking strategy are not as scary as, “Lions, tigers, and bears…oh my!”

Actually, it isn’t just three networks this week, but rather four that we are looking at: LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. These are the four last networks SmartEGrants is covering our Social Media for Grants theme for February. To lump the four social media networks together seems somewhat unfair as the value of each is very distinct and can be used and leveraged by grant seeking organizations in a wide variety of ways.

However, the final four social media channels we are covering as part of our February theme “Social Media for Grants” are some of the lesser used networks as we talk with colleagues about how they use social media in their grant seeking and grant management efforts.

What could the value be in each of the networks in your grant seeking and grant management you ask? Here are just a few ways that you can use these four networks in your grant seeking and management efforts:


  • Connecting with grantor staff and board members after meeting them at conferences, at technical assistance sessions, or after a grant award is made
  • Connecting with potential grantors via their private groups


  • Creating and sharing creative thank you videos to grantors of a specific program
  • Giving an opportunity for geographically dispersed funders to “see” a program in action as opposed to an onsite visit


  • Gathering unique visual representations of key data to use in your need statements
  • Understanding what research and visual representations of that research data are resonating with and being shared by your current or potential funders


  • Sharing your program’s success stories once funded with a grantor
  • Creating and sharing a unique visual thank you for grantors of a specific program

And to take a moment to reiterate one of our earlier points – do we encourage you to add all social media networks at the same time in order to help integrate social media into your grant seeking efforts? Absolutely not. Take one network at a time. Consider how to integrate it into your grant seeking and grant management efforts. Once comfortable on one network, consider how to add a second, and then a third, etc.

Considering focusing on LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and/or Instagram as a way to launch your integrated focus on social networks and grants? Join us for our Blueprints for Grants: Social Media for Grants: LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram on Thursday, February 26 at 12pm EST for only $25. You get the slides and the recording for registering, so even if you can’t join us live, you can listen in and ask questions via email at your convenience. Register here.

You can also join us for tomorrow’s (February 2 at 12pm EST) conversation on #grantchat where we will be talking about some of our personal experiences and examples of using LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram for grants. You can read the preview questions here.

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